How to add Sort Ranges in Ref App in Apptivo?

Updated on August 3, 2020 03:07AM by Admin

The Sort ranges created in an application of Apptivo will be available while using that application as a Ref App in any other application of Apptivo.

Consider the Opportunities App of Apptivo has Sort Ranges configured in the Settings page. This Sort Ranges will be available in other apps of Apptivo while using it as a Ref App.

Opportunities App

Adding Ref App in Master Layout

  • Consider adding the Opportunity app as a Ref App in the Candidates App. For this, select Settings from the App Header of the Candidates App.
Candidates App

  • In the Settings page, go to Customize App → Master Layout.

  • Drag and drop the Ref App attribute from the Palette. Add a name for it.
Ref App

  • In the Inspector tab of the Ref App, scroll down to the Reference Object Details. In the App dropdown, select the App as Opportunities.
  • Add the required fields and save the changes.
Ref App Inspector Tab

  • Create a candidate in the Candidates App. When you search the record to add in the Opportunities field, the search and select popup will appear.
  • Here, the default sort range will come into view when the layout is the overview.
Create Candidate