How to auto-suggest addresses in the Address Fields of Apptivo?

Updated on September 21, 2020 04:45AM by Admin

The Google Maps integration with Apptivo allows users to choose an address from the list suggested by Google Maps and add them to the records. By this, you can easily have the address added to your records with Map View. 

Before making use of this feature, you have to integrate your Google Maps account with Apptivo. Once the integration is complete, navigate to any of the below-listed Apps that support this Google Map integration. Here, enable the apps where the integration has to be activated and choose the default address.

    • Leads App
    • Opportunities App
    • Customers App
    • Contacts App
    • Properties App
    • Work Orders App
  • Here, let’s walk through the steps to view the auto-suggest feature in the Leads App.
  • In the Leads App of Apptivo, create or open an existing record. Here, we are creating a new lead.
Leads App

  • In the Create Leads page, scroll down to the address field. Here, ensure that you have selected the default address type configured in your Google Map Integration page.
Create Lead

  • Type the address of the lead.
  • As you start typing, Google Maps will automatically show the suggestions.
Address Dropdown

  • You can choose the exact address and have it added to the lead’s profile. The selected address is filled automatically on the Address line 1, State, Pin Code, and Country fields. On selecting create, a new lead is created.
Address Added