How to edit the default hourly rate in the Contracts App?

Updated on September 24, 2020 05:55AM by Admin

The Contracts App of Apptivo allows you to add the default hourly rate of your resources. This default hourly rate can be changed from the Settings page of the Contracts App.

Steps to edit the default hourly rate

  • In the Contracts App of Apptivo, go to Settings → Contracts → Resource Types.
Contracts App

  • Select the edit icon of the Resource Type whose hourly rate has to be edited.
Edit Option

  • In the Edit Resource Type popup, change the value in the Default Hourly Rate field.
Edit Resource Type

  • On clicking update, the changes are saved automatically.
Changes Saved

  • The new value will come into view when the particular resource type is selected while creating or editing a contract.
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