Can I view the custom views on the Android platform of Tasks?

Updated on September 28, 2020 06:28AM by Admin

The Tasks activity of Apptivo enables you to see the custom views in the Android Application. By this, you can easily create your required views in the web platform and have them reflect in your Android app.

Steps to view the custom views

  • In the Tasks activity of Apptivo’s web platform, go to Settings → Customize App → Views. Select Create to create a new view.

  • The Create View side panel will come into view. Here, add the name, description, and the criteria based on which the tasks should be displayed in the view.
Create View

  • On selecting create, a new view is created.
View Created

  • Go to the Tasks activity in the Android application. You can see the newly created view (Priority Tasks) is visible on the Tasks page.
Tasks Activity

  • On clicking it, you will be redirected to the associated tasks.
Priority Tasks

  • You can select a task to view the task’s overview.