How to provide Locations App access to employees in Apptivo?

Updated on October 23, 2020 05:50AM by Admin

The Locations App of Apptivo allows you to document information on the locations and assign representatives based on the business purpose. Before making use of this app, it is necessary to provide app access to your users. Let’s walk through the steps to provide access to your users.

Steps to provide access to the Locations App

  • Go to the Employees App in your Apptivo account. Select Settings from the App Header.
Employees App

  • Select Security → Roles from the left navigation panel of the Settings page. Click create to add a new role.

  • The Create Role page will come into view. You can add a name and description for your role. To provide access to external users, enable the toggle.
  • In the Privileges section, select Add to add a new privilege.
Create Role

  • The Add Privileges page appears. Here, select CRM → Locations from the left panel. Here, choose the desired privileges for this app.
Add Privilege

  • Click the save button to add the privileges for the role.
Privilege Added

  • On selecting create, a new role is added.
Roles Added

  • Now, navigate to the overview page of an employee in the Employees App.

  • Here, scroll down to the App Access Privileges section. Select the Add button.
App Access Privileges

  • The Add Role page comes into view. Here, select the Locations App and choose the roles.
Add Role

  • On selecting save, the role is added to the employee. You can also grant app access here.
App Added

  • When the employee navigates to the Locations App from his account, he can access the app.
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