How are decimal values rounded off in Apptivo?

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Apptivo’s Master Layout is a great tool to make your Software represent your business. You can customize the layout according to your business purpose. This includes performing calculations and displaying the right values.

When your number or currency field carries a decimal value, it becomes a necessity to configure the accuracy of the decimal values. You can set up the system to scale whether the values must be displayed up to the tenths, hundredths, or thousandths place in the decimal part. When the values are pulled from a Ref App field or while a calculation is performed using a Function Attribute, you can set up the rounding off place for your decimal values.

Steps to configure the decimal values

  • Connect to your Apptivo account and navigate to any application. Here, Estimates App. Here, go to Settings → Customize App → Master Layout.
Estimates App

  • In the Master Layout, select any numeric field (Standard or Custom Field). Here, Item Rate in the Products/Items Sold table.
Inspector tab

  • Click on it to view the Inspector tab. Here, scroll down to the Digits section. Here, set the Scale, Precision, and Rounding Mode.
    • Scale - This focuses on the decimal part of your values. Based on the scale set, the value after the decimal point will be displayed. If Scale is set as 2, then two places after the decimal point alone will be shown in the field.
    • Precision - This decides the number of digits allowed in the field. This includes both the whole number and the decimal number part.
    • Rounding Mode - In order to round off the decimal number based on the scale set up, the Rounding Mode should be set as No Rounding. This is because the other options available in the dropdown are for whole numbers.
Digits Table

  • Now, save the changes made in the Master Layout.

Applying Rounding Off in Estimates App

The Item Rate field of the Products/Items Sold table in the Estimates App has configured the scale as 2. This value is captured from the Price field in the Items App of Apptivo. Let’s go through how the value in the Price field of the Items App is rounded off in the Item Rate field of the Estimates App.

  • In the Items App of Apptivo, the scale of the Price field is set as 3 in the Master Layout.
Items Master Layout

  • Now, create an item in the Items App. When the Price of the item is added in the Items App, the decimal value can be added only up to the hundredth place. This is because the scale is 3. Here, the value is added as $15.275.
Items App

  • Switch to the Estimates App and create a new estimate in the Estimates App.
Create Estimate

  • In the Create Estimate page, add the created item from the Items App in the Products/Items Sold table. The actual price of the item in the Items App is $15.275.
Search and Select Item

  • As the scale is set as 2, the price is rounded automatically to the tenth place. Therefore, the value becomes $15.28.
Item Added

  • So, the values are rounded off as per the configuration while switching from one application to another application.