How to change the Fiscal year based on Accounting Calendar in Sales Planning App?

Updated on November 22, 2020 11:03PM by Admin

The Sales Planning App of Apptivo allows you to create calendars in the Ledger App of Apptivo. The created calendar can be added to the legal entities. Based on that, the Sales Planning app can be customized to reflect the new accounting calendar.

Steps to change the Fiscal year based on Accounting Calendar

Step 1: Create a Calendar in Ledger App

Before viewing the customized calendar in the Sales Planning App according to the Fiscal year of the business, it is mandatory to record it in your Ledger App.

  • Connect to your Apptivo account and go to Settings → Ledger → Calendar in the Ledger App. Here, select Create to create a new calendar.
Ledger App

  • In the Create Calendar side panel, add a name and description for your calendar. Along with this, you can set the periods.
  • Ledger App offers two kinds of periods:
    • Auto generate from start date - You can configure the start date and the remaining period will be created automatically.
    • Manually define periods - Here, you have to define each period manually.
Create Calendar

  • As you can see, Auto Generate from start date is chosen here and the start period is selected as June 1, 2020. Now, select Create.
  • A new calendar is created.
Calendar Created

Step 2: Change the default Calendar in Ledger App

Once the calendar is created, you have to map that calendar with your legal entity.

  • Go to Settings → Ledger → Legal Entities in the Ledger App. Click on the legal entity whose calendar has to be updated.
Legal Entity

  • In the View Legal Entity side panel, click on the calendar. You will have the provision to change the Calendar.
View Legal Entity

  • Here, the calendar is updated to Accounting Year.
Changes Saved

Step 3: Change the Calendar in Opportunities App

Since the configuration is complete in Ledger App, you can now view the new calendar in the Sales Planning App according to the financial year of your business by following the below steps.

  • Go to Settings → Opportunities → Calendar in the Opportunities App. The Regular Calendar is chosen by default.
  • Change the calendar to the Accounting Calendar.
Opportunities App

  • Now, go to the home page in the Sales Planning App. Here, the period is displayed according to the configured calendar.
Sales Planning App