flow crm project


  1. Leads can be collected through a web form.
  2. These leads are converted to customers, contacts and opportunities.
  3. You can generate an estimate from opportunity.
  4. Convert the estimate to project.
  5. Once the milestones gets completed generate an invoice.

project fulfillment flow

Sales process

  1. Leads can be collected through a web form.
  2. create new lead

  3. All leads collecting in Apptivo will be in “New” status.
  4. If the leads are qualified they can be converted to contact, customer and opportunity.
  5. converted to opportunity

    associated opportunity

  6. Schedule an appointment and get the proposal from customer.
  7. Generate an estimate from opportunity.
  8. opportunity to estimate

Fulfillment process

  1. Need to request the customer for approval of estimate.
  2. At once the customer approved the estimate. Convert the estimate into project.
  3. estimate to project

  4. The information gets pre populated, add the project budget as “Project Flat Fee” or based on your requirement.
  5. Complete the milestone and tasks associated with project.
  6. Generate an invoice from project. Choose the tax code based on the territory in the invoice creation page.
  7. generate invoice

    invoice pdf

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