Customer Tracking System

Customer management is to manage and analyze customer interactions with the goal of improving business relationships & assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth. In Apptivo customers can be a company, organization, business or a similar concern that has many employees and personnel working in it. The attainment of sales progress throughout the customer life cycle relies heavily on customer management

Customer Contact Association

Enhancing customer & contact bond is to associate existing customer record as the company information or creating new customer record from contacts app which is a simultaneous process & vice versa process.

Easier Segmentation

Greater customer retention can be managed easily in Apptivo by adding Leads, Contacts, Customers to target list which enables you to have increased sales leads, better deliverability, greater customer acquisition and increased revenue. Also, Better segmentation of the target can possibly obtained.

Dualistic Data

Rather entering the same data many times, duplicating the record makes it much easier for you to manage the information in Apptivo which enables you to have many effective usage of very similar customers in a single Application that helps to safeguard data and promote consistency.

Workflow field Backup & Update

Allowing user to export and take a backup of all their customer information to validate or store the data in their own server(s). Download can be made all fields for the selected customers to their computers as a .CSV (comma-separated values) file as well as Updating information can also be made against the bulk customers or selected ones

Deal with Multiple Locations

Better way of tracking multiple sites for a single customer can be made possible in Apptivo which enables you to have an efficient management of customer's locality and their branches rather than entering the address of each locality everytime that acts as a time saver and reduction of bulk work. These sites can also added to the associated contacts.