Employees App Documentation

Employees are the core assets of the profitable business for any corporation. Employees app allows you to manage your unique management processes. Likely, it also a part of human resources management processes including: work shifts, number of employees, employees login history and assigned objects etc.

App access

Employees can login and add the hours they work each day. The Timesheets App would be easy to extend to track additional information that you need record.

Employees Login history

The users login history can be tracked from Cases App, this results in displaying the employees currently who are found in online i.e logged into their account.

Work shift

Work shift are working hours scheduled for employees i.e the time period during which you are at work. Based on the employee work shift SLA will work for cases and task period will be updated.

Access privileges

The employees will have access to all business apps based on their privileges provided to them. They will have specific module access like sales applications and financials applications etc. The person who are signing up the new business account can be considered as “Super User”, the super user can create and manage users and even deleting the account.