Once a submission is received by the contact form, it will be sent to your Apptivo firm. To view the details of this submission, go to the Leads App.

Once inside of the leads app, you’ll see a list of all leads in the system. For this example, we will only see a single lead, which was created when we submitted our form in the previous section. Over time this section will fill up, and you’ll need a method to properly manage all of the leads. You will notice the search form at the top of the page, with an “Advanced Search” link next to it. Going to this advanced search page allows you to search by a specific lead source, which will filter by a specific contact form you have created.

Once you process the search, you’ll receive a list of all leads that match your filters. From here, we can select a lead to view it’s details.

When viewing the lead details, you will notice all of the information from the form is automatically placed into the corresponding fields. All of this information can be changed or updated at any time.

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