How do I create a new PDF template in Purchase Orders App?

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Purchase Orders App allows you to create your custom templates which will be used to generate PDF versions of your Purchase Orders. It will indicate the product/items, quantity and agreed price for which the buyer makes an order to the supplier. Let’s learn the following in this article.

Steps to Create a PDF Template


  • Click on "Print/Web Layouts" under "Customize App" from the left navigation panel.
Print Web layout

  • Select the “PDF Templates” and click on “Create” drop down.
PDF Template

  • You can create a PDF Template in three ways:
    • Start with a blank layout.
    • Start with the default layout.
    • Copy from another layout.
Default Layout

  • For instance: Click on Start with a default layout.

  • Provide a name for the template and click on the “Next” button.
Standard PO Template creation

Configuring the PDF Template

There are two editors available - Drag & Drop editor and JSON editor. If you have good knowledge in JSON editor, you can customize the template using JSON. Drag & Drop is simple and easy to use; it has five tabs - Sections, Common Attributes, Business Attributes, Purchase Orders Attributes.

Configure template


If you wish to include some standard text, such as company name, company policies or other information to be displayed in the Purchase Order PDF, you can add custom text areas. Using this button, select whether you’d like a text area with 1,2,3 or 4 columns. You can also insert “Tables” if needed. Clicking this button will create a text area in your Purchase Order layout.



The next is the Common Attributes tab, where common attributes like App Name, Header Logo, Free Text, Description, Line, etc., can be inserted. Just drag and drop the required attributes in the newly added Purchase Order Sections.

Common Attributes

The next is the Business Attributes tab, where business related attributes like a business logo, contact information & address information can be inserted. Just drag and drop the buttons in the newly added Purchase Order section.

Business Attributes

The last tab is the Purchase Orders Attributes, which consists of more attributes related to purchase orders. You can create custom attributes at the header level and the footer level, and these are collected in the PDF templates. Use the same drag and drop process into your newly added Purchase Order section.

Purchase Orders Attributes

For instance:
If you would like to insert the "Purchase Address" field, then you can just drag and drop it from the "Purchase Order Attributes" -> "Address Information" -> "Purchase Address."

Purchase Address


Once all the attributes are correctly arranged, you can click on the “Preview” button, to see how your Purchase Order PDF will look. You can change the Template name, the File name prefix, Page Layout, Page Size, and align the page with margins accordingly.


If you are happy with PDF format, then click on the “Save” button to save the changes. This action will save the template and send you back to the Settings page, with the available templates.

Changing the Default Template

To identify a default template that will be applied to all Purchase Orders, select the preferred template from the “Default” drop down.


If you have a template configured in the older version of the App, you may have some compatibility issues added to a restriction that the template cannot be edited but can only be previewed.

Old Template

The above can be disabled if the old template is removed from Default PDF Template and an alternate one is chosen as default.

Change Default


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