Why can't I Delete My Customer?

Updated on July 3, 2017 12:43am by Admin

Before we delve into why you cannot delete your customer records, you need to be aware of the fact that only  the privileged users can delete customer records. If a user is unable to delete the customer records, that is because the records are associated or linked to other objects or modules in the CRM.
However, if its totally necessary to remove the records from your database, do should remove the record from all the modules/objects first and then delete the same.

Have a look at the scenario below.

Consider that you are creating a new customer.      The customer information is entered in the following apps-  Cases App, Contacts App, Estimates App etc. To delete a customer, you need to remove the associated objects (Case, Contact, Estimate)

If you delete the customer with the association, you can view the contact in “Trash” folder.

Steps to View Associated Apps

  1. Log in and access Customers App from your universal navigation menu bar. 
  2. Select a customer you would like to view association. 
  3. Click on “360” tab next to “Overview” tab, you can view all the associated apps as shown in the image below:

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