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Holidays may be designated by Governments, Religious institutions, or other groups or Organizations. Apptivo Holidays App helps in creating both Business and Client holidays separately and can make it as an event associating with Employees.

Application Features

Every business firm follows a certain holiday calendar throughout the year and these holidays can be tracked effectively using Apptivo.

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Similar to public holidays followed by all the people throughout including Christmas, New year eve and so on and these holidays can be tracked effectively.

client holidays

Snappy Reports can be generated for Business Holidays within a period and furthermore for Client holidays associated with the Customers.

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Integrated Applications

Holidays App integrates seamlessly with the following applications

Holidays     Customers

Having integrated with Customers App, Apptivo Holidays App allows you to store all your client holidays effectively. If you are taking a holiday to meet your client, then create a holiday form by selecting your Customer whom you are going to meet. Learn More about Customers App

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