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There are plenty of ways to take notes, Apptivo provides you the ability to express each and every activity in the form of Notes, through the Notes Application. With Apptivo Notes application, you take down any useful information, that is, a log of changes or updates of anything.

Application Features

Share notes with your users on the go. Enable the Note Sharing toggle, and get to share the notes instantly, at ease. The simplest way to share your notes.

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There are dozens of customizations, from the ability to create custom sections and attributes, show or hide the fields, categorize notes by tags, configuration of the views, and much more.


Notes can be created, associating it with the required employees. Helps to keep all your notes organized. You can have a view of all the notes associated with a particular employee.

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seamless integrations

Seamless Integration

Closely integrated with almost all of the apps in Apptivo. You can add notes from a customer record, leads, opportunities, and even in the creation of templates etc.

notes association

Notes Association

Easily associate all your notes with respective object records. You can also find that note in the respective object’s notes tab.

Integrated Applications

Notes App integrates seamlessly with the following applications

Territory Management     Customers

Notes you create can be associated with the respective customer. By default, an Employee who creates a note will be associated. Learn More about Customers App

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