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Increase Sales or Market capability for a product/item - Target the potential buyer to purchase the product by providing various promotion codes - everything using Apptivo Promotions.

Application Features

Begin making your promotion in a jiff by providing your promotion info and type. Add up your scope to whom this promo code get utilized.

create promotions

Create awesome email templates by which you can send emails by selecting those template without composing a full email, thus saving your time.

email templates

Add up your promotions either to all your customers or have it for users who have their promotion code. Not only this set up your promotions to new customers too.

scope of promotion
promotion type

Promotion types

Select your type of promotions which you have to give it to Customers. It may include credits or a specific discount on percentage or shipping.

Integrated Applications

Promotions App integrates seamlessly with the following applications

Having integrated with the Customers App, Promotions App will manage the discounts, promotions and offers for the customers in an effective manner. Learn More about Customers App

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Apptivo provides a FREE 30 Day trial to all its customer to play around with the product and get to know if it suits their business. Apptivo also provides a 1 to 1 demo session to explain how you can use Apptivo for your business.