Sales Returns App

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Sales Returns App

Empower your business with the Sales Returns App, an engaging application designed to document the cancelled/returned Orders, Invoices, and Shipped but cancelled Items effectively. Keep your inventory up-to-date and easily backtrack the products returned by your customers.

Business Fit Model

Avert any delays and create Sales Returns for a particular Invoice, Order, or Shipped Item promptly. Leave behind the conventional model of bookkeeping and monitor your Sales Returns online easily.

Seamless Inventory Management

Stay updated! Have the inventory of the item add up the returned quantity instantly with no delay. With the intelligent Warehouse Management System, choose the destination Warehouse for the returned or canceled items.

Auto Numbering

Get your Sales Returns numbered straight away. Decide on the number series and add any prefix for the series. Have a separate numbering process? Go through a few clicks and replicate the numbering process in your Sales Returns.

Elegant Designing

Exclude any difference between your conventional business and online software. Design your Application to represent your business and own the functionalities. Remove any fields that do not benefit your business and add fields that meet your prerequisites.


Comfortable using a mobile phone or a tablet? The Sales Returns App is absolutely device responsive and well synchronized. The features available in the Web platform is smoothly designed to adapt to your device. With no trouble, get to use & manage your Sales Returns App round the clock without any device limitations.

Integrated Applications

Sales Returns App integrates seamlessly with the following applications

This integration allows you to keep your inventory updated. As soon as a Sales Return is approved, the Available quantity and On-hand quantity is changed according to the quantity returned Learn more about Inventory Management