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Apptivo Items App allows you to create your needed items, add your customers, suppliers and then include those items with various apps to get proceeded further with shipping and inventory management.

Application Features

Distinguish your created items either as a single whole standard material or a group of various materials combined to form a single material.

bill of material

Plan for expansion with nitty-gritty custom reports on inventory and sales trends. Export those reports and check for criticism.

insightful reports

Items, not only be created. You can also import items from excel files which gets joined with the existing items.

import items

item category

Item categories

Categorize your items using a flexible product categorization scheme. Create your own category and set apart your created items.

set conditions

Set Conditions

Create a condition for your item and identify whether the item is used or refurbished or new.

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Keep track of not only your Suppliers, but also your manufacturers who manufacture your item or product and supply via suppliers.

uom uom categories

UOM/UOM categories

Initiate and set your own Unit of Measures for the products or items being created. Set out a category and create a dimensional formula needed for your item.

charge your text

Charge your Taxes

Create or set your tax preferences and associate these taxes to your items. Handle both single and multi rate taxes at same place.

item customize layout

Customize Layout

Change the look of your app layout, switch up your background, color and design of the graphics and even customize the text.

item security actions

Security Actions

Make your app more secured and get your app advanced by enabling various actions which becomes instantly visible in all objects within app.

item developer api

Developer API

Bored with importing or creating your objects from front, no worries, read and write code to interact with the Apptivo platform to extend and enhance its functionality.

Integrated Applications

Items App integrate seamlessly with the following applications

Items     Inventory Management

Items App and Inventory Management are closely intertwined with each other. The Inventory Management app displays the inventory details of all your items created. Learn More about Inventory Management App

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