Happy Spring! Just like this spring is back with new beginnings, Apptivo is back with some new features. To make sure that you’re getting as much value out of our product as possible, we have been releasing new features every two times a month. Again! We’re back with some advanced features which add value to your business. Now you can set the default country in the address section and also allow you to download the charts as per your business preferences. So let’s get you to walk through our exciting new features.

New Features & Upgrades:

  • Download the Intelligence Dashboard.
  • Set the Default Country in the Address Section.

Download the Intelligence Dashboard:

Yes, you heard that right! Now all the dashboard charts that you’ve created for your business are available to download in CSV format. By using this feature you can download the charts and share them with your employees in CSV format. This feature is available in all the apps of apptivo. We have implemented this new feature so that you can store or share the data from your dashboard. For instance, you want to share the opportunities amount details with your employee but you don’t want to give access to your account. Now, you can download the dashboard that you’ve created, and share it with your employees in CSV format. Read More

Download Dahsboard

Set the Default Country in the Address Section.

Apptivo has enhanced the feature in the Address section of the Master Layout. Now you can set the default country in the country field as per your preferences. The default country will be the country that you have selected while creating the firm, you can change it by using this feature. Therefore, while creating the records of the users you don’t have to add the country every time. By using the master layout you can set the default country which helps you to be more productive in your business. Read More

Default Country Field

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