Make your Business Story a Success Story! Apptivo is the best CRM solution for your business with affordable plans, regardless of the size of your business. We have the most advanced and professional support team who guides you through the app with ease. Our development team makes our product advanced and innovative. We have released some more new features which definitely gonna make your business productive. Let’s get into the new features.

  • Print PDF in the Projects
  • The counter attribute in the Supplier Invoices

Print PDF in the Projects:

Projects app allows you to manage the information about your projects. Now the Apptivo’s Projects app allows you to print the project’s information in PDF format. By using this feature you can maintain the information on your projects and also perform the project billing. You can design your own pdf templates by using the attributes and fields on the project creation page. Read More

Print PDF


Counter Attribute in Supplier Invoices:

The Counter Attribute allocates unique numbers to your invoices. By using this you can define the prefix with your own specific number or alphabet for your supplier invoices using the master layout. Once the supplier invoice is created, the system creates a unique value for the invoice record as per your configuration. So that when you need information about the supplier invoices you can retrieve them in less time and also prevent the duplication of the invoices. Read More

Counter Attribute

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