Hello! Welcome to the month of success. To be a part of your successful business, apptivo has upgraded its features and, as always, is back with resources to help you navigate the new upgrades seamlessly. Our team has worked hard to implement several updates based on your requests and recommendations in order to nurture your business alongside Apptivo. So why wait! Let’s explore the intriguing enhancements.

  • Summary Boxes in Scheduled Reports.
  • Accounting Calendar in Criteria.

Summary Boxes in Scheduled Reports:

Yes, you heard it right! Now you can get the values of summary boxes in the scheduled reports in excel format. The Summary boxes in the Data Table of Apptivo provides you to configure the summary of sum, count, and the average of data based on your business needs. Along with the scheduled report, you would find the view’s summary box in sheet 2 which provides the summary of the reports in the excel format. Read More

Schedule Reports

Accounting Calendar in Criteria:

Apptivo has advanced features that help your business to grow. Providing an accounting calendar along with the standard calendar will help you to set up your own fiscal year calendar as per your business guidelines. After creating your own accounting calendar, the calendar will be applicable in all the apps and you can also set the criteria as per your accounting calendar which gives the reports of your data as per the business calendar. Read More

Accounting Calendar

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