The Question:

While I think it’s great that I can email my customers invoice and take payment online, I have many customers who are not so tech-savvy. Is there a way to track my invoices in Apptivo, but simply print out the invoice and give to my customers the old-fashioned way?

The Answer:

Yes, of course, there is! Apptivo invoices is a quick and easy tool which helps in recording sales of items or services. You can create your own email template, print and send PDF, update logo for your business and even online invoice payments and multi-currency option is available.

invoices app

Every invoice that is created will automatically generate an invoice PDF file containing all of the pieces of information regarding the invoice. Even when you email the invoice to your customer, a PDF version of the invoice is attached.To download the PDF manually, start off by going to the Invoice App. You can either create your own invoice and print your PDF or view the invoice you want to print from “Show All” option. At the top of the page, there is a button that says “Print”, which will actually just download the file to your computer.

invoices app

Also, even if you choose to email the invoice to your customer, they can download the attachment and print the invoice, or they can review the invoice details on the link sent to them, and download the PDF from there as well.

Apptivo provides you to create invoices online or create and send email invoice. There is no limit in features for Apptivo invoices. A lot and lots are there to use.

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