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If your Apptivo chat window is not found in Apptivo home dashboard or pricing plan page. Just load if it is not loaded. Check the error message whether the OpenDNS blocks.

error message

Follow the below steps for enabling chat window in Apptivo.

  1. Log in to OpenDNS dashboard.
  2. Click on “Network” and “Web content filtering”.
  3. click networks

  4. Check whether the “Chat” category is enabled. Because of this you cannot view the chat window.
  5. enable chat category

  6. If you want to view the chat window, just disable “Chat” option or enter domain name in a text box which will never block Once you’ve done with changes, clear browser cache and re-login to Apptivo.
  7. disable chat

    Please check the following link for clearing the DNS cache on Computer servers and browsers:

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