See below for a comparison between Apptivo’s Google Contact Sharing App and some of our competition.


Apptivo Shared Contacts

Gmail Contact Sharing

Florey Shared Groups

# of Shared Contacts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
# of Shared Contact Groups Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Sync Interval 5 mins 30 mins 5 mins

Contact Management

View, Create, Edit, and Delete Shared Contacts tick tick tick
Personal Details tick tick tick
Email Addresses tick tick tick
Phone Numbers tick tick tick
Business Information tick tick tick
Websites tick tick tick
Addresses tick tick tick
Contact Assignment to Employees & Teams tick tick tick
Import Shared Contacts tick
Upload Contacts from Excel tick
Notes tick
Full Text Shared Contact Search tick
Shared Contact Change Log Newsfeed tick

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Leads tick
Opportunities tick
Customers tick
Estimates tick
Documents and Contracts tick
Tasks tick
To Dos tick
Appointments tick
Call Log tick

Synchronization with multiple devices

Mobile Sync tick tick tick
iPad Sync tick tick tick
Outlook, Thunderbird Sync via G Suite tick tick tick

Contact Sharing Administration

Create Contact Sharing Teams tick tick
Role Based Access Control tick
Define Employees & Managers tick
Managers get automatic access to their employee’s contacts tick


Free 9 Euros per user per year Starts at 10 Euros per user per year

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