Creating target lists for Mail Chimp has never been simpler. You can create target lists from individual targets, contacts, customers or leads in Apptivo.

Steps to create your first Target List

  1. Log in and access Targets App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  2. If it cannot be found, go to “App Store” and you will find the Target App under the Marketing category.

    app store

  3. Click “Create Target List” button to create your first list.

    create target list

  4. Enter the name of the target list and description (optional).

    target list name

  5. Select the tab in which you would like to add to the target list – Targets, Leads, Contacts, Customers.
  6. You will be able to upload new targets into Targets. This will allow you to join lists of an existing excel sheet with other contacts, leads, or customers.


  7. Easily export all Targets, Customers, Contacts, Leads from the Overview tab. Have your mouse roll over Export and select MailChimp.

    select mailchimp

  8. Log in to Mail Chimp, navigate to List and click on “Import”.

    click on import

  9. Select “Copy/Paste from Excel” option.

    select copy/paste from excel

  10. Copy/Paste your contacts and map the fields. And you’re done!

    map your fields

Instructions on how to import to Constant Contact or SendGrid.

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