The Question:

I have read about the Invoices app, and I understand that payments are automatically recorded by electronic invoice system when a customer pays electronically…but what about if I mail the invoice to the customer myself? How do I mark the invoice as paid and note the details of how the customer paid me?

The Answer:

When you receive an invoice payment electronically, Apptivo automatically records the payment for you. But, there is also a process where you can perform manually as well. I.e You can record the payment manually for the invoices you receive.

Navigate to the Invoices App, and view the invoice that you have been paid for(By moving to “Sent” invoices, you can view all the invoices which have been paid for). In the Overview page, you can view the option of “Record Payment” by which you can record your paid invoices manually.

invoices app

On selecting the “Record Payment” option you will be opened with a popup window, and here we can record the date of payment, select the payment method used, and provide a reference number and internal notes if desired.You can also view the unpaid invoices list. Then click on Save button.

invoices app

Once completed, a confirmation window will appear, and the payment is recorded. You’ll be able to view these payment details via the Customer Payments App at any time. Also, you may want to send a payment notification to the customer to let them know you’ve closed out their invoice. Back on the Invoice overview page, simply click on the “Send Payment Notification” button to notify them via email.

invoices app

You will be opened up with a “Compose” mail page with all the information filled. You can add or update the mail if needed or click on “Send” button to get the user notified.

invoices app

Hence, Apptivo provides you with electronic invoicing and payment option where you can create quick invoices for business and record keeping for small business.

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