The Question:

I have created a service work order and supplied all of my details, but I am not sure how I can assign this work order to my technician and let them know when they should be resolving the problem. I see the “Tasks” section on the overview page, but these do not have any scheduling or assignment capabilities.

The Answer:

Scheduling of the appointment itself, as well as any other internal tasks or assignments should be handled through the activities tab of your work order.  Billable tasks to include in the invoice should be added to the tasks section on the overview page, but internal tasks and appointments will be stored as activities.Once you have created a new work order and added all of the details, the next step is to click on the activities tab

On the activities tab, we will click on the Appointment button.

Now we can assign this appointment to our technician, select the date and time of the appointment, provide the location, and even set an email notification to remind your tech before the appointment starts.

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