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The Question:

I’ve started using the Leads App, but I haven’t done any sort of configuration. Could someone explain how to configure the app, and what might help me manage my leads better? Any help is appreciated!

The Answer:

The leads app has several groups of configuration settings that allow you to adjust the way the app functions.To configure your Leads App, start off by logging in and clicking on the Leads App in your app dashboard.  In the upper right corner of the leads dashboard, click on the “Configure” button.

A popup will appear with three tabs, now we’ll go through each tab and adjust the settings:

  1. Lead Status
    1. Every lead will be assigned a status when created.  Here you can adjust the statuses that are available within the app.  To disable an existing status, click the edit button, and then set the end date to today.  You can also add additional statuses by clicking the create button in the upper right corner.

  2. Lead Source
    1. Similar to the lead status, lead source is another attribute that can be assigned to a lead.  Customize this list based on where you acquire leads from, to help you understand which lead channels are the most effective.

  3. Lead Rank
    1. Lead rank is a method to organize the priority of your sales leads.  By default you have some basic priorities (low, med, high).  But if you have a lot of leads coming through your system, you may want to add additional statuses to help classify leads with more detail.

  4. Lead Access Configuration
    1. This tab allows you to control the security of the leads app.  If you select employee level access, a lead will only be visible to managers, and the employee whom the lead is assigned to.  If you select “All”, then any user with access to the leads app will be able to view all lead details.

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