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We are happy to inform you that this week in Apptivo, we released one new app and updated the look and feel of two apps as well as a range of other throughout Apptivo. The License Tracker App will allow you to store all licenses related to your business such as business license, SSL certificate, etc. Get alert notifications before your licenses expire. The Inventory App, tightly integrated with the Items, Invoices, Suppliers, Orders and Customers App, now has a new look with extra features. One more app, Ideas App, has been released in version 4.0. Common bug fixes and improvements were made to enhance user experience.

New Business App Features

This Monday, we added the following new features to Apptivo:

  1. New business apps added into Apptivo
    1. License Tracker App
  2. Apps migrated to version 4.0 with a fresh look and feel
    1. Inventory App
    2. Ideas App
  3. Features added into the Items App
    1. Reports
    2. Advanced search
  4. Add employee ID and location in timesheets
  5. Follow up tabs added into Customers and Contacts App
  6. Include supplier info to track while creating an estimate
  7. Include notes for each items when creating an invoice or estimate
  8. Converted estimates and work orders can be edited once removed from invoice

Bug Fixes and UX Imporvements

This Monday, we fixed the following issues in Apptivo:

  1. Overall bug fixes and imporvements for the following Apps:
    1. Invoices App
    2. Documents App
    3. Email Sync
  2. Updates in plan upgrade
  3. Homepage updates
    1. Email Sync
    2. Appointments
    3. Tasks
    4. My Tasks
    5. My Employee Tasks

Upcoming Business Solutions

In the next release we will be making the following updates to Apptivo

  1. Migrating the following Apps into version 4.0
    1. Documents App
    2. Shipments App
    3. Employees App
  2. CRM mobile app
  3. Kitting Work Orders

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