With our upgrade to V6, we’ve provided a lot of great enhancements to our existing PDF editor for Estimate, Invoices, and other apps. Now that V6 has been available for some time, we’ll be removing access to your old templates as part of our ongoing system maintenance. Up until now your old templates have remained available, but not editable. After the upcoming change, your old V4 templates will no longer work, and you will need to create a new template from the settings area. Don’t worry, it’s quick and easy to create a new template.

The following apps are affected by this change:

  • Invoices
  • Estimates
  • Sales Receipt
  • Purchase Orders

When creating a new record, your “Template” dropdown will no longer show the old templates. If you find your old options missing, follow the next steps to create a new template.


While printing PDF of those records created with V4 template, you will be notified with an error pop up that intimates you to create a new PDF template in V6.

So now, you have to again create those PDF templates in this new V6 by clicking on
Settings” -> “Customize App” -> “Print/Web Layouts”.

Follow the steps in your desired app, and create a new template from the links below:

You can now proceed to print and send PDF templates via email in the corresponding Financial Apps as before.

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