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Great! This is the next feature update. We can see triggers features.

What is Trigger?

In general, a trigger is a business rule which can perform automatic actions based on an event inside Apptivo. Apptivo Triggers allows you to perform automated actions like triggering an email or updating an attribute based on particular criteria. This feature is available in the apps: leads, opportunities, contacts, customers, and cases.

In Apptivo CRM Apps, we can create three types of triggers such as Event-based, Time based, and Activity-based. Let’s elaborate on the automated triggers feature through this video. Check out the below video. This video gives you the solution of automating processes with triggers.

This feature is only available in the Enterprise plan. We plan to implement this feature in premium. You can see further updates through this blog.

Using triggers, you can specify exactly how automation will be initiated. Multiple triggering conditions can be added so that the same automation is initiated for multiple events.

Types of CRM Triggers

Event based

The Event Based Triggers in Apptivo are made use of, when you are required to execute an action after the occurrence of a certain trigger event. Here, the trigger can be set for the events like object Creation, Updation and Deletion.

Time based

Consider, you are required to perform an action for a repeated number of times or just once, based on a condition. In that case, Apptivo Time Based Triggers can be made use of. This lets you to automate the action, whenever the specified criteria is met.

Activity based

Activity based triggers can be created for activities such as email sent by customer, the email sent by an employee and email sent by others.

Trigger Actions

Once you create trigger, you can set up your required triggered activity. Once a trigger criteria are set, there are three automatic actions that can be triggered:

  • Send Email – A trigger mail can be triggered to the Referred By, Assigned To, Customer, Employee or a Team. This trigger based emails symbolizes automatic email response.
  • Update Attribute – Updates a particular attribute value.
  • Update Associated Object Attributes – Updates the attribute values of its associated objects.

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