The Question:

I have read about the ability to email my invoices to customers and collect payment instantly, but how exactly does everything work?

The Answer:

So, assuming you already know how to create an invoice, the next step is to distribute this invoice to your customer. The most common method of sending an invoice to your customer is via email, and you can initiate an email whenever viewing an invoice, or when creating the invoice.

When you initiate the email, Apptivo will automatically include the email ID associated with your customer, attach the PDF file, and provide a default subject and message. You can customize any of this information, and once done, click the Send button.


When you send the email, it will be instantly delivered to your customer. They will receive an email with the invoice information, PDF file as an attachment, and it will include a link to review & pay the invoice. They can click on the link to initiate the payment or else select the Make Payment button.


When they click either of the links, they’ll be sent to an Apptivo page with the invoice information. From here, if you have configured a payment gateway, the customer will see a list of buttons at the bottom of the page, these buttons will then allow the customer to pay electronically via their desired payment options.

Pay Now

If the user clicks one of the “Pay Now” buttons to complete their payment, your Invoice status will be automatically updated, and payment will be recorded to the Customer Payments app.

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