Upload items is very simple when you have all your items nicely listed in an Excel sheet, but sometimes, you still may stumble across some problems. If you can’t seem to get your uploads to work, we’ve put together a simple checklist of what’s required.

  • CSV files only – Make sure it’s CSV file excel format
  • Item id/Code – Individual product code
  • Item Name – What is the name of your item?
  • Short Description – Short and brief description of the item.
  • Description – Long description of your item.
  • Item Type – Is this a product? Service?
  • Primary UOM – “Each” is required
  • Price – Standard price of an item.
  • SKU# – Stock keeping unit number.

Upload files in items app includes the below-mentioned steps.

  • Log in and access Items App from your universal navigation menu bar.
  • Click on “More” icon and select “Import” from the app header bar.
  • items

  • Click on “Import” button.Tap on “Browse” and select a CSV file from the computer and click on “Next” button.
  • items

  • Map items fields to respective CSV field as shown in the below instance. Make sure to map the custom items mandatory fields.
  • After mapping the all fields as shown in the below instance, hit the “Import” button to import records.
  • items

  • Once you are done with mapping click “Proceed”.
  • items

  • Finally the page will show number of #of Records, #deleted records and #of ignored records and click on “Start Import”.
  • items

  • Here we go, the import is done successfully and the log will display the totals of imported records, failed, and etc.


If you are adding item category, make sure to add the categories in Apptivo before uploading your file. Add Categories here.

By doing so, your upload will be successful.

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