Invoices App Documentation


An invoice is a financial document that records a sale against items or services. Customize your invoices to make them perfect. Create a template, upload your own logo in seconds, and even customize the column name that matches your business. If you frequently create invoices that have the same field or line item information, you can turn this into “Recurring Invoice”. And let your business paid automatic using “Recurring Billing“.

Online Payments – The payment gateway which allows you to accept credit card payments through online.
PayPal – The payment gateway which allows you to accept payment through online.


Our multi-currency feature allows you to interact with businesses in other regions by switching certain apps to use their currency. You have the ability to allow your customer to owe in the currency of their choice within certain apps.


Invoices App doesn’t just support your business with invoices; it comes with many other apps to run your business. All apps are deeply integrated which communicate with one another. Any project task or opportunity or estimate can be recorded and invoiced to a customer.


  • Create recurring invoices.
  • Bill your customer on a schedule.
  • Create invoice in a single click for more than one timesheets or work orders.
  • Ability to select different layouts for your invoice.
  • Invoice numbering based on your preference.
  • Online payment gateway
  • Recording customer payment
  • Export to PDF and Email PDF to client.
  • Multiple invoice types – Creating invoice from different objects such as orders, work orders, projects, timesheets, estimates, opportunities etc.
  • Export to Quickbooks(IIF)
  • Ability to view overpayment and invoice summary(Previous balance, payment received) of a customer.
  • Include sales rep commission over items.
  • Turn your invoice as paid by recording customer payments.