Simplicity 101: How to configure Apptivo to be easy to use

Have you tried implementing a CRM for your team but the only feedback you received was "It's too hard to use"? This webinar will be a guide to configuring Apptivo to make it easy to use and improve adoption rates.

Abhi Jacob

11:30am PT
June 10, 2020

Building the perfect Quote in Apptivo

Apptivo's Estimates application provides teams with a highly flexible tool they can use to build a unique and well-formatted quote. We will focus on what you should focus on in building a great quote

Abhi Jacob

11:30am PT
June 24, 2020

What will you learn?

Overview of the System

An introduction to the core CRM apps and it’s key features.

Leads Qualification

Learn how to automate and implement the Leads Qualification cycle.

Pipeline Management

A tour on amazing dashboards with data intelligence reports.

Workflow Automation

Master automation techniques within the system and yield better results.

Key Reporting

Never miss our list of native reports and also learn how to create your own dashboards.


Learn how our implementation and training services work.

Webinar Speaker

Abhi Jacob

Abhi Jacob is a Senior Product Manager at Apptivo based in Fremont. He continuously works with the engineering team to implement the most asked features and integrations to help improve the system. He strongly believes in Customer Satisfaction and goes above and beyond to serve our customers’ needs.

Why People Love Apptivo

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Apptivo provides a FREE 30 Day trial to all its customer to play around with the product and get to know if it suits their business. Apptivo also offers a 1 to 1 demo session to explain how you can use Apptivo for your business.