Customized Views

Apptivo offers three types of views that allow viewing individual and multiple work orders based on particular criteria within the Work Orders app.

  1. Left Panel View
  2. Side Panel View
  3. Detailed View

Left Panel View

The Work Orders app allows you to access multiple filters as views in the left navigation panel. Here, you can easily filter records based on specific criteria. Also, you can create new views and access views shared by other employees


Side Panel View

  • Choose any view in the left navigation panel of the Work Orders app and click a work order to view in the side panel view.
  • On clicking the More Details icon in the side panel view, you will redirect to the overview page.

Detailed View

  • From any view in the left navigation panel, click on the More Details icon of a work order.
  • You will navigate to the overview page of the selected work order.