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Work Orders

Satisfying Customers with services done and upgraded products will be the fundamental focus of any business. For this, Apptivo encourages the business people to utilize Work Orders App which allows them to easily manage and dispatch resources to address customer problem on site.

Application Features

Decide upon whether the Customer or the Employee Manager should approve the Work Order and generate invoice for it.

dispatch calendar

Decide upon whether the Customer or the Employee Manager should approve the Work Order and generate an invoice for it.

work order approval

After sending the work order to customers, they can simply accept or reject the order. Customers can also add a comment as to why they rejected it.

quick response
work order summary

Work Order Summary

Generate a summary of your work orders created within a period, associated with your customers and assigned to your employees and so on.

customize app

Customize Apps

Create custom views of work order for your easy identification, send your work order report with customized pdf template and ease with search of work orders.

contrive email templates

Contrive Email Templates

Send your email with various designed email templates to your customers or contacts for all the events and releases.

service delivery window

Service Delivery Window

Initiate your Work Order by providing the start time and end time of the work to be completed and have it tracked.

Integrated Applications

Work Orders App integrates seamlessly with the following applications

Work Orders     Invoices

Quickly save time by converting a Work order into an Invoice. Avoid having to re-input data into the system. Learn More about Invoices App

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