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Looking around for inspirations and 2018 design trends? Then this article is the final place you have to look for.


1. Minimalism

We’ve all heard the proverb,

“Less is More”

Minimalism is one of the famous design philosophies in 2018. The strategy is to give out simple interface for visitors by eliminating the elements and content which do not help user tasks.

This also avoids distraction and keeps them focused.


2. Gradients

Gradients in 2018 are used to create bold statements and help visitors connect with a product or service. You can see it everywhere from Spotify to iPhone X.

Unlike other trends, gradients allow designers to create unlimited color combinations.


3. Micro Interactions

Microinteractions are contained product moments that revolve around a single use case — they have one main task.

Though interactions are beneficial and intuitive, sometimes, if not used, they can also be overwhelming. Finding the balance is important.


4. Typography

Micro-interactions have grown rapidly. Designers have started to use bold fonts to capture visitors attention.

Other popular combinations are typography with gradients and typography and superimposed typefaces on stock photography.


5. Story Telling

Content Delivered as a Story can be up to 22 Times more memorable than just facts alone. Telling stories is the best way to connect with and retain users.

You can use different mediums to narrate the story.



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