Apptivo Product Updates As On February 16, 2019 – CRM, Supply Chain, Financials and Collaboration

Posted on 2:24 am, March 5, 2019 by Grace Douglus

Product release for Feb 16, 2019

Happy to welcome you all with the next set of updates in the Apptivo Apps! We are here to present you a list of features that are implemented and enhanced in Apptivo this February 16, 2019. Take a quick look through the post to get the features handy and enrich your experience on Apptivo Product…

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2019 SaaS Trends and Strategy

Posted on 8:28 am, February 25, 2019 by Vipul


In 2019, successful IT strategies have embraced the rapid pace of change of SaaS and decentralized nature. Embracing SaaS allows IT to focus on organization-wide initiatives, processes, and infrastructure, while team leaders are empowered to quickly adapt and pick the best individual apps to achieve their goals. An employee uses at least eight apps on…

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Best practices while choosing the domain name for your startup

Posted on 1:55 am, February 22, 2019 by Vipul

Characters of people holding internet search icons illustration

Coming up with a domain name for your startup is more exhausting than you think. It puts a lot of pressure. The success of your startup hinges on your choice of a domain name to a big extent. It is closely related to how your customers remember your business. Choosing a good domain name may…

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Why raising a ‘friends and family’ round is a bad idea

Posted on 5:24 am, February 20, 2019 by Vipul


Modern startup culture and films have tainted the founder’s journey a cliched image. It often starts with young friends, few dropped of college, taking risks with personal finances, being rejected by investors and instead of scraping together cash from uncles, parents, cousins anyone you can. These stories are adored by everyone because we love an…

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The best practices to scale your SaaS startup

Posted on 11:09 am, February 18, 2019 by Vipul

The best practices to scale your SaaS startup

Launching a new SaaS startup in 2019 is challenging. Not all startups succeed. But if properly structured and executed the result can be rewarding. There is very little room for mistakes and miscalculations in this cut-throat and challenging atmosphere. This article will list the best practices on how you can scale your startup while avoiding…

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Why Customers and Businesses Love Live Chat in 2019

Posted on 7:10 am, February 18, 2019 by Vipul

Why customers and businesses love live chat in 2019

Customer service is important and plays a crucial role in business. In today’s digital world, customers help to grow your customer base. It’s now easier to get online and share their experience. Customer satisfaction not just improves customer retention but also great influences in acquiring new customers. In 2019, live chat is an essential support…

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The 5 Best Practices for Mobile Email Campaigns

Posted on 5:50 am, February 13, 2019 by sitesteam

Mobile Email Marketing

Mobile phone’s impact is undeniable and email is one dimension of the marketing strategy that is affected by it. Almost every report on email open rates concludes that mobile is responsible for at least 50% of all opens. With less space than traditional PC monitors, more information needs to find its home in a smaller…

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Healthy Ways to Increase Your Sales Team’s Performance

Posted on 3:38 am, February 9, 2019 by prithvi


The indication of the effectiveness of a sales team lies in their sales performance. And when the numbers begin to fail, it may just be tempting to say that they’re failing because of laxity or negligence. However, a closer look at the problem reveals that most sales teams are not structured in such a way…

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5 Ways To Be Sure If Your Startup Needs a CRM

Posted on 1:34 am, February 9, 2019 by prithvi


A customer relationship management (or CRM) is critical for a multitude of businesses and involves a heavy focus on the interaction of customers, rather than the final transaction that businesses need. Rapid business growth If you’re running or involved with a business with rapid growth, a CRM system may feel quick to be outdated. But…

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