Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can make your sales process a lot easier irrespective of your industry or business you own. CRMs can be used to improve customer experience when contacting and helps to establish a great relationship. But that’s just not it.


There are a whole lot of things that CRM can help you achieve. Below we’ve covered with 5 interesting ways that you can boost your productivity by adopting a CRM into your business.

Smooth sales process

If looking for a smooth sales process is on your agenda, then you might have just found the golden goose. A CRM is a gift that keeps on giving and with the system remembering all the information that a single person simply couldn’t, you’ll be in with a great, smooth sales process that you can be proud of moving forward.

Keep track of customer tastes

A CRM does more than just keep track of a smooth sales process and remember small pieces of information. Instead, you’ll see a personalized response given to customers as all their data is stored within the system.

Of course, this is beyond valuable, finding the most popular products within a demographic as well as individual tastes means that you can push the right products for the right people. Invaluable in the world of business.

Quality customer support

As all of the customer info is stored with a CRM system, it can be used to give better customer service and a more personalized response, even replying to the customers. This personalized approach can increase credibility and trust while doing business.

Mobile integration

A CRM like Apptivo comes with a mobile version (iOS & Android) which helps in having all the data wherever you are and this can increase productivity. Perfect for those on the road or showing off statistics and analytics out and about without a hitch. Another invaluable tool present with CRM systems.

Third party integrations

A CRM like Apptivo comes with many different types of integrations which help in having all the data in one place. You can manage customers, projects, finances, billing and more in one place. Also with its integration with other major apps out there in the market, you can get more things done and don’t have to worry about moving to a new app.

For example, an integration, like Sign Now with Apptivo, would make signing documents and attaching them very easily and a feature like a contact center integration helps to store all the data automatically after a call is done.


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