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We are cheerful to show you the highlights actualized in Apptivo to upgrade your involvement with Apptivo. Take a speedy ride through the blog to get an edited version of the new organization as of December 27, 2018.

Updates and Enhancements – December 15, 2018

  • Update Notifications – Added “From” Address
  • Ref App support
  • Export Feature in Purchase Order
  • Bulk Action in Purchase Order
  • Triggers in Purchase Order
  • Delay Term – Periodical selection (Monthly)
  • Scaling Value of Item Rate in Invoices App
  • Email Attachment- View Attached Estimate PDF
  • “From” Address in Triggers
  • Customer Contact Association
  • Individual Customer Payment Creation


Customer Contact Association

Customer Contact Association in Apptivo, now gets an update! Associating a contact with the customer will be of significance and Apptivo now gives you the ability to customize the customer association with contacts, when customer reference is updated.

customer contact association

Please have a look at the help link on How to configure Customer Association with Contacts in Apptivo for a stepwise instruction.


Update Notifications – Added “From” Address

We have enhanced the Update Notifications in this release. The update is that you can now configure the “From Address” from which the notification email is sent. You can configure the From Address in either of the following two ways:

  • Static- You can enter the “From Address” and “From Name” manually.
  • Dynamic – You can select a specific employee or a team.
update notifications from address

Supply chain

Bulk Action & Export in Purchase Orders

For all those who have found hard times in bulk updating and exporting purchase orders, here is the solution. We have implemented the Bulk Action and Export feature in the Purchase Orders App.

bulk actions in purchase orders

Please have a look at the help link on How to perform Bulk Actions in the Purchase Orders for a stepwise instruction.

Triggers in Purchase Orders

In addition to the bulk actions & export, we have also added Triggers to the Purchase Orders. Triggers empower you to automate actions increasing effectiveness and ensure the business process does not slip through. With every trigger you set up, you can characterize a sequence of automated actions and activities to trigger once the conditions are fulfilled. Purchase Orders App allows you to set the following two types of triggers – Event Based and Time Based.

triggers in purchase orders

Please have a look at the help link on How to configure Triggers in the Purchase Orders for a stepwise instruction.


Delay Term – Periodical selection

Apptivo Invoices App presents you with an option to define the Delay Term configuration with Monthly term selection when the Penalty Type is set to % (percentage). That is, you can now configure a percentage penalty fee on monthly basis.

monthly option in invoices delay term

Please have a look at the help link on How to create Delay Terms in Invoices for a stepwise instruction.

Scaling Value of Item Rate – Invoices & Estimates App

This release adds support to Customizing the scaling value of Item Rate in both the Invoices and Estimates App. We have changed over the Item Rate field from standard Ref App field to standard Currency field, which enables you to set the attribute behavior accordingly.

Email Attachment- View Attached Estimate PDF

The Estimate PDF you sent to your customers will, from now on be captured in the respective Estimates Email Tab.

Individual Customer Payment Creation

To prevent the cancellation of particular invoices, associated with a customer, we have now supported the creation of individual customer payments. That is, henceforth, if you record payment for all the outstanding invoices of a customer, a separate customer payment record will be created for each such paid invoices in the Customer Payments App.

General Updates

“From” Address in Triggers

A cool new enhancement made to the Triggers feature globally is that you can now configure the “From Address” dynamically from which the trigger email is sent. You can select a specific employee, team, or other attributes (
Referred By, Assigned To, Email, & Customer).

monthly option in invoices delay term

Ref App support

One other minor feature in this list is that we have enabled the Reference App support of an app in all other apps.

Do you want to enjoy these features? Just visit and start your account for free today!

Have an awe-inspiring day!!!!

Apptivo Team.

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