Welcome to Apptivo’s product updates. Apptivo enhances its services regularly by updating the features from time to time, which helps the users to increase their business productivity by providing advanced solutions and resources. Apptivo has improvised some of its existing features and has added new features as per customers’ requests and needs. The product updates are as follows:

Updates and Enhancements

  • Added Embedded Template in Contracts App
  • Upgraded Bulk Actions in the Properties App

Added Embedded Template in Contracts App

The Contracts app of Apptivo enables you to manage all your contacts according to your business purpose. Furthermore, you can send your contracts for review and make changes as per the requests provided. In this update, we have introduced Embedded Templates in the Contracts app. With this feature, you can easily embed your contracts while emailing the contract to the customer. You can customize this feature from the Email Templates section on the Settings page of the Contracts app. Read More.

Embedded Templates

Upgraded Bulk Actions in the Properties App

The Properties app of Apptivo allows you to store the information regarding your properties and helps you to keep track of them. This feature assists Real Estate businesses. Before this update, the Properties app has the feature called “Bulk Actions”, where you can export and delete the information of properties at the same time depending on their business needs. In this update, Apptivo has added the Update feature in the Bulk Actions, which enables you to bulk update the value in a field at a time in multiple records. Read More.

Bulk Update

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