Hi Everyone! Welcome to the next list of features updated in Apptivo as of July 06, 2019.

Enhancements and Implementations:

  • Disabling Support Plan
  • Re-association in associated cases table
  • Enhanced function attribute
  • System generated information in Suppliers app
  • Custom views in Work Orders app
  • In-person Sign in Work Orders App
  • Archive Email


Disabling Support Plan

The Support Plan section can be disabled and enabled as per the requirement of the customer in the Customers app.

Disable support plan

Re-association in associated cases table

Cases app now allows you to re-associate the associated cases of the case to another case in cases app or cases extended app. Doing this will change the parent of the associated cases. A hyperlink is provided for the associated cases. Clicking this will open the associated cases in the side panel view.

Reassociate cases


Enhanced function attribute

One of the remarkable enhancement to the function attributes in the Financial apps. The feature is that the standard behavior of the attribute can be customized if it has to include the visible fields or include all the fields available in the layout.

Enhanced Function Attribute

Supply Chain

System generated information in Suppliers app

You can get the system generated information like the “created by” name, “modified by” name, “created on” date, and “modified on” date in the Suppliers app. This is an enhancement added to the Suppliers app.

Supplier App System Generated Info

Custom views in Work Orders app

A custom view is a feature that lets you search & filter the list of Work Orders, and then select the columns you want and save a shortcut as a view. Besides default views in the Work Order app, you can also create your own custom views according to your business requirements.

Custom Views in Work Orders

In-person Sign in Work Orders App

The in-person signing feature enables you to sign documents and collect signatures directly from the device in face-to-face situations. Apptivo is now integrated with Sign.co for in-person sign in the Work Orders, Estimates, and Contracts App.

In-person Sign

Once you click on the “In-person Sign” button, the work order can be signed as shown below:

Sign.co Document


Archive Email

If you want to clean up your inbox without deleting your emails, you can archive them. The Archive feature in Apptivo homepage Email helps you to retain the emails without deleting the inside app association. When you Archive an email, the email will be moved to a label called “Archived.”

Archive Option

Catch you shortly with the next set of our updates in Apptivo!
Till then, stay tuned for updates in our blogs and posts!


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