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Happy to welcome you all with the next set of updates in the Apptivo Apps! We are here to present you a list of features that are implemented and enhanced in Apptivo this February 16, 2019. Take a quick look through the post to get the features handy and enrich your experience on Apptivo Product Updates.

Implementations and Enhancements:

  • Bulk Update for Ref Apps
  • Auto-Update of information in Ref App field
  • Enhanced Advanced Search
  • Increased top stages in Win Analysis
  • Bulk Export in Receiving App
  • Supported Notifications for Line-level in Orders App
  • Bulk Update Milestones in Projects
  • Supported Function Attributes in Advanced Search in Invoices
  • Supported Serial Number field in Work Orders
  • Bulk Assign in Tasks
  • Recently Logged in information in Switch Business
  • Copy & Paste Images


Bulk Update for Ref Apps

You can now update the Ref App fields using the Bulk Actions feature in all the CRM Apps. This feature is now available in this release. The updated piece of information gets updated in the Parent App too and vice versa. This feature is currently available in the below CRM Apps: Cases, Contacts, Customers, Leads, Opportunities, and Work Orders.

Let’s consider the Customers App. For easier identification, the custom Ref App field is left as the Reference App 3. You can find the update for the Ref App available in the screenshot.

Ref App Update

Auto-Update of information in Ref App field

A note-worthy implementation of this release is the auto-update feature for the Ref App fields. Say, for example, if you update the Parent App, you can find the information being updated in the Ref App fields too.

Let us consider the Leads App, you can find the referral name as Lucy Matthew.

Auto Update

The Ref App field here is the “Referred By” which takes up the reference from the Employees App. If the First Name of the employee is changed to Lucy Paul, the same reflects in the Leads App too.

Auto Updated Ref App

Enhanced Advanced Search

You can find the Advanced Search feature being enhanced with the facility to search with the “Created By” and the “Modified By” fields. This allows you to search based on the Sales Rep. For instance, let us consider the Customers App.

Advanced Search Created By And Modified By fields

Learn more about this by visiting our answers post on Advanced Search.

Increased top stages in Win Analysis

You can find that the top stages from where the Win occurs in the Win Analysis Report are increased to 100 from a default value of 25. You can now, use this enhanced feature to view the stages that bring in the maximum win along with the respective amount earned from them using the Win Analysis Report in the Opportunities App.

Win Analysis

Supply Chain

Bulk Export in Receiving App

The most awaited implementation made this release is the addition of Bulk Actions to the Receiving App. You can now bulk export the receipts to the .csv format and make use of it. This feature will make things handier while using Apptivo.

Bulk Export

You can know more on how to bulk export the receipts from our answers page.

Supported Triggers for Line-level in Orders App

A noteworthy implementation of this release is the support of the triggers for the line-level attributes in the Orders App. You can create triggers while creating an order or updating an order depending on the line-level attributes, say for example Products/Items.

Triggers for Line-level attributes in Orders App

Financials & Project Management

Bulk Update Milestones in Projects

A Milestone is a testimonial point that marks a major event in a project management system and is used to monitor the Project Management process. Setting up milestones for a project should present a series of events that will incrementally build up to the completion of the approved project. With this release, you can bulk update the Milestones in the Projects App. this being the long-awaited feature will allow any updated being made in bulk to the Milestones created.

Bulk Update Milestones

Know how to create Milestones and set them for your Projects from our answers.

Supported Function Attributes in Advanced Search in Invoices

Advanced Search in Invoices App allows you to search using the fields available in the Master Layout of the Invoices except for the Services & Items section. You can advance search the Date fields using the functional attributes. This feature is supported in this release to search the invoices with a specific period of time or the exact time depending on the function created.

Advanced Search in Invoices App

Wanna know how to search Invoices using the Advanced Search, click here.

Supported Serial Number field in Work Orders

Work orders App allows you to print your work order information using the “Print PDF” option in the overview page. You can now include the automated Serial Numbering for the work orders that you create both in the Overview page and while printing the work order. This was one of the long-awaited features that are made available now.

Serial Number in printed Work Order

Get to know more about implementing serial numbers on your accounts from our answer pages.


Bulk Assign in Tasks

Tasks are a specific itemized work or a single initiative which can be associated with any number of objects like case, orders etc. You can now bulk assign the tasks to multiple employees in order to accomplish it in a short span of time. This, in turn, will increase the productivity of the organization.

Bulk Assigned to in Tasks

Widen your knowledge on how to bulk assign the tasks.

Recently Logged in information in Switch Business

One important enhancement made this release is the Recently Logged in details from the Switch Business, to keep track of the business you log in. You can learn more about this from our answer post on Switch Business.

Recently Logged In

Copy & Paste Images

The most important feature released this time, is the ability to copy and paste the images or logos while sending an email. You can copy and paste images that in the format JPG, JEPG, PNG, GIF

Copy and Paste images

Learn on how to include images while sending emails by clicking here.

Meet you soon with the next set of our updates!
Till then, stay tuned for updates in our blogs and posts!


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