Hi Everyone! Happy to present you all with the next set of updates in Apptivo as of June 01, 2019.

Enhancements and Implementations

  • Update existing records during import
  • Table import in the Contacts App
  • E-Sign in Work Orders
  • Scaling in discounts
  • Property Tracking status
  • Custom views in Orders App
  • Newsfeed tagging


Update Existing Records during Import:

Opportunities App now allows you to make changes to the existing records while updating the existing records during import. This is one of the long-awaited features which has been implemented with this release.

Update exisitng records

Table Import in Contacts App:

Apptivo provides “Grouping attribute” option to import the table attribute data which will be reflected in the custom table section of the Contacts, Leads, Customers, Opportunities, Employees, Items and Distributors App. Grouping attribute takes the attribute values and puts them into groups, with each group given a unique name. Now you have the option to import the line level attributes in the respective apps.

Table import

E-Sign in Work Orders:

An electronic signature or eSignature is recorded in an electronic form which is intended to provide secure and accurate identification of the signatory. Apptivo is now integrated with Sign.co for eSignature in the Work Orders App too.

Sending ESign

Once you click on the “Send eSign” button, the work order can be signed as shown below:

E-Sign in Work Orders


Scaling in Discounts:

You can now set the scaling for Discount attributes (both the Percentage and Fixed) in the header and line level attributes of the Invoices, Estimates, Work Orders, Orders, and Purchase Orders App. You can find the following options in the Digits section that allows you to scale the discount field.

  • Scale – It is the total number of digits in a number.
  • Precision – It is the number of digits to the right of the decimal point in a number.
  • Rounding Mode – You can round off the decimal values either to the up, or the down or to the nearest number.
Scaling discounts

Property Tracking Status:

One of the noteworthy implementations in this release is the option to track the status of the properties in the Properties App. This option is made available only for the newly created records or the updated records.

Status History

Supply Chain

Custom Views in Orders App:

A custom view is a feature that lets you search & filter the list of Orders, and then select the columns you want and save a shortcut to view for later. This is one of the most awaited features of this release. This view feature is standard, but the views can filter & display any custom fields that you have configured for your business in the Orders App.

  • If you want to view more orders information, you need to select fields from the “Display” field.
  • You can save your custom view of order information for your future reference as a separate view.
Custom Views in Orders App


Newsfeed Tagging:

You can now start tagging the employees in the newsfeed even while replying them back in the comment section. This is one of the enhancements made this release. You can respond and tag the same person while replying to the notification.

Newsfeed Tagging

Catch you shortly with the next set of our updates in Apptivo!
Till then, stay tuned for updates in our blogs and posts!


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