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This week we’ve made some great improvements to our business apps. The most noticeable new feature is the addition of custom attributes throughout all CRM apps, allowing you to completely customize the CRM apps for your unique business!
You will also notice there are many new improvements to the Invoices App, and the Timesheets App. Easily create new employees with timesheet manager access, and allow them to submit timesheets for work spent on their projects, then quickly and easily bill the customer for these hours.
Beyond these new features, we’ve also made quite a few other updates to our software. See below for complete details on the release.

New Business App Features

This Saturday (5/12) we added the following new features to Apptivo:

  1. New Custom Attributes feature for Leads App
  2. New Custom Attributes feature for Opportunities App
  3. New Custom Attributes feature for Contacts App
  4. New security roles for Timesheets App users
  5. Additional information provided when creating timesheets

Business Application Fixes

This Saturday (5/12) we fixed the following issues in Apptivo:

  1. Various bug fixes in the following apps
    1. Contacts
    2. Customers
    3. Leads
    4. Opportunities
    5. Projects
    6. Timesheets
    7. Invoices
    8. Sales Receipts
  2. Improved consistency and cosmetic updates for Projects App
  3. Improved consistency and cosmetic updates for Invoices App
  4. Improved user interface for the “documents” tab in all apps
  5. Invoices now calculate tax post-discount
  6. Fixed the import contacts “quick link”

Upcoming Business Solutions

Next Saturday (5/19) we will make the following updates to Apptivo:

  1. New Apptivo plans available
  2. Activities enhancements
  3. Account management enhancements
  4. Employees App 2.0
  5. General user interface enhancements
  6. New Invoices PDF template builder
  7. Invoices message templates
  8. Invoices auto-reminders
  9. Developer API
  10. Reseller dashboard
  11. Google Chrome app updates

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