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IT Crete specializes in providing system software support to small and medium sized businesses in Heraklion, Crete, Greece. They have professional experiences in the following fields:

  • Microsoft Windows server AD domains
  • Exchange server deployment
  • Firewall & internet security
  • Virtualization with Hyper-V, VMware or other similar technologies
  • Linux server implementations of all sorts
  • Web server implementations
  • Creation installation and implementation of all modern Cloud solutions

The Problem:

IT Crete was looking for solution to simplify everyday work, customer communication, create work orders, keep track of customer tasks and more.

G Suite

After spending quite some time testing various online applications, they decided to go with G Suite for their business and email communication. G Suite also includes task tracking, calendar management and file services.

Even though G Suite provided all that, there was still something missing. How were they supposed to keep track of customer work orders? Convert them into invoices? Where could they finally have a way to provide customers with an in depth analysis of all the work done?


After evaluating several alternatives in the market, IT Crete decided to go with Apptivo because of the breadth of its apps all delivered from a single platform and its seamless integration with G Suite. The Company’s support engineers are now able to use their mobile phones to read and reply to emails on the road, keep track of their tasks and calendar at hand and have everything synced with Apptivo. When they’re back in the office, their day to day work is all there – customer data and completed work orders – allowing them to create excel reports. Invoices can be easily created and recorded right from Apptivo.

They also have the option to link to their Google Drive files.. This allows for  all the customer data to be centralized which makes creating customer reports so much easier. Each employee knows what tasks they have assigned to them, so there’s no chance of missing an appointment.


Switching to Apptivo has allowed IT Crete to run its business more efficiently and cost effectively. The richness of the Apptivo Apps, seamless integration with G Suite and easy intuitive UI has made all business activities easier to manage. It finally allows IT Crete do what it does best- focus on solving its customer problems and grow its business while Apptivo does the rest.

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