PB Legal Services is a professional legal services company located in Thailand. PB Legal Services focuses on delivering clear, logical advice that provides their customers with confidence. They place an emphasis on top quality customer service that is organized, friendly, and informative.

PB Legal Services offers both business & personal legal services including:

  • Work permits
  • Visa management
  • Company registration
  • Business licenses
  • Board of investment promotion
  • Arbitration and contract
  • and more…

The Problem

The managing director of PB Legal Services, Colin Bartlett, had long been searching for an all-in-one tool that can help manage his businesses. Here is what he had to say about the painful search they went through:

“For a very long time I have tried to find a “company” system to run my various businesses and the minefield is vast. I even went down the expensive route of bespoke software….. There are so many products on the market and most of them only go so far and are not flexible. Others are way too expensive for small companies like mine. My companies are in different industries and have different requirements, this makes it hard to find one product/system.”

Because they were unable to locate a single solution that could meet each of their needs, the company has ended up with the burden of many expensive software licenses to support their various computers & devices. This burden was simply too much to bear for a small company like them.


By going with Apptivo, coupled with G Suite for Business, PB Legal Services was able to reduce their monthly software fees dramatically.

Not only were costs affected, but productivity also increased. Now their team no longer required any special software like word processing or spreadsheets, everything is available in one neat package that works for all 5 companies across any computer or internet browser. Now their hardware requirements have been greatly reduced, which offered an unexpected benefit of being able to re-use existing hardware.

One other common problem that had plagued PB Legal Services in the past was data backup. Now that they have moved to the cloud, Colin & his team no longer need to worry about a potential hard drive crash, or other issues which could affect their business data.

With instant access to online support chat and videos, PB Legal Service was able to get set up and running without any special training. By leveraging the instant online chat support, as well as the online video material, they are successfully running both Google & Apptivo together for all aspects of their business.


Apptivo & Google combined together to solve all of the needs for Colin, PB Legal Services, and his various companies. In his own words:

“Apptivo has streamlined everything I do, which will save money and make us more efficient – always important but more so in difficult economic times. It has made me look at our processes and make changes for the benefit of our clients. We now have less actual paper filing, so are helping the environment in our own small way. My staff are now using one system and not their own variations. I believe we will be able to move ahead of the competition and get to the point I have always believed we could reach.

So one system with the power of Google behind us. Not bad for a small company, we can now compete better with the big boys. Something I have needed for many years and have now only just found.”

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