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Apptivo comes up with an intuitive representation of sales tracking tools in the sales pipeline dashboard, that perfectly matches not only the requirement for salespeople also for anyone who wants to get super organized and close deals in less time. Apptivo Opportunity Pipeline Management classifies your opportunities under various sales funnel stages. This sales pipeline management tool provides you an excellent sales reports information comprising of sales stages in CRM, size of the deal, percentage of deals, and a number of deals in near future.

Visual view of Up-to-Date Deals

Now, the Apptivo CRM is seamlessly integrated with a fully-featured, advanced analytics add-on that helps you to list the deals as per the CRM pipeline stages and the respective values associated with the deals. The sales opportunity pipeline gives established reports on the primitive principles of the sales process.


Responsive Dashboard for every User

Create personalized dashboard for every employee with various sales pipeline stages of their own sales process which will be helpful for them to streamline the process of reaching out to finding potential customers, initial estimation, number of deals closed successfully and missed opportunity. Users can view the visual dashboard that provides updated information of number of deals respective to their values.

Multiple Visualization

You will be able to visualize the entire sales pipeline stages for the next 12 months that helps user to be organized and make more effective follow ups. The value proposition to the next near future will be more effective to win more deals.


This sales management software will assist you to streamline your sales process and increase revenue to your business.

To know more about the sales pipeline dashboard and process, go through the Apptivo Opportunities App.

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