The upgraded version of invoices app comes up with the versatile features that helps you to design your own invoice templates in such a way that has to be received by your customers. In this post, we will have a glance of some sample scenarios which illustrates the functionalities of features like “Print/Web Layouts” and “Customized Notes to Customer”. Let’s explain one by one,

Improved PDF Editor

Print/Web Layouts serve the purpose of creating your own custom templates which will be used to generate PDF of your invoices. This let you record the different part of the information that you want to record and also makes you to see the flow of information displayed in the template.

Usage of Print/Web layout:

  • Drag & Drop Editor- Helps user to arrange, customize and reorder the fields from palette.
  • JSON Editor- If you are well versed in JSON then there comes the way to customize your PDF templates.
  • Section- Customizing the phases of PDF template with line, single sided, two sided, three-sided attribute and even with table.
  • Common Attributes- Design your own template with general header image, description & lines to be included.
  • Business Attributes- Helps in arranging the business logo, name, contact information and address details.
  • Customer Attributes- You can add any kind of customer details that are to be displayed here from the customer’s app.
  • Invoice Attributes- Enables you to add needed fields that are to be included in the template reflected from the overview page of Invoices app.

To learn more about the improved PDF editor, check out this video

Customize ” Notes to Customer “

The pinpoints that you want to provide to the customers can be customized as per the workflow of your business and communication you have with your customers. This makes the effective follow up possible in near future.

Benefits of customizing notes to customer:

  • Customers want to feel valued- Enables two-way relationship by thanking them for their business and loyalty.
  • Financial Benefits- Making customer feel valued leads to increased profitability.
  • Easy Follow Up- Helps users to have a next follow up with the customers through notes.

To learn more about how to customize the Notes to Customer, check out this video

We’re very excited about the upcoming months, so stay tuned to our blog & social media to keep up to date with the new releases.

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